Giving Back | Chicago Family Photographer

Last summer, I attended a photography workshop where I met Jim Davis-Hicks.  He is a wedding photographer, father of 4 and the founder of Thirst Relief International.  I was so inspired, not only by his willingness to take on such a huge endeavor with 4 kids at home, but by his ability to make such an incredible difference in the lives of those who really need it.  He and his wife and children have traveled the US spreading the word of their cause – what an incredible lesson in selflessness and compassion to teach your children!  If you’ve not heard of this wonderful organization, please take the time to learn more about how you can make a change too.  They provide water filters and clean drinking water to those who desperately need it.  Imagine your favorite 2 year old, and now imagine not being able to give that child the most basic of all human needs – clean water to save his/her life.  What they are doing at Thirst Relief is truly inspirational.  They are saving and changing lives forever – really making a difference.  Just a $5 donation provides clean drinking water to a child or adult for 30 years!  I was moved to tears watching Jim’s presentation and hearing about the children they have saved.  I think about it often.

Cianne Mitchell Photography will be donating 3% of all sessions to Thirst Relief International from March 1 until July 31st.  So book your session before July 31st and help save a child’s life.

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