Top 10 Funny Client Comments or Requests | Chicago Family Photographer

I’m sure you’ve all seen it, the YouTube video “Funny things people say to photographers.”  Well, it’s true, people really do say some pretty crazy things to me – one of the fun parts of my job for sure.  On this gloomy day in Chicago, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.  They each brought a smile to my face and hopefully they will do the same for you  🙂

10. (Most frequently asked)  – Are we the worst family you’ve ever photographed? or
         Is every two year old a pain in the butt, or is it just my child?

9.   Please don’t shoot me from behind, there won’t be any room for anything else in the frame!

8.  Do you have any photos of a really beautiful and CLEAN home you can swap out for our house and then you can just drop us into?

7.  (Parents, after showing up with their 3 year old twins) – Okay, here you go, we’ll be back later to pick them up.  Have fun!

6.  Can you photoshop hair into my husband’s bald spot?

5.  Can you make me look taller than my wife in these photos?

4.  (Expecting mom)  Doesn’t my belly button look like Pac Man?

3.  My cousin thinks her kids are so friggin cute, so I need these photos to show her what REALLY cute kids look like! 

2.  Who needs those photos of the whole family prancing through a meadow all smiley and sweet?  I want a realistic representation of my family – let’s get my husband sleeping on the couch with his hand in his pants, me in my pajamas, unshowered with my hair up and my kids covered in food with toys scattered everywhere. 

1.  Can we also do a paternity session to show how big Daddy’s belly has gotten over the past 8 months?

Big thanks to all of my wonderfully funny clients for these.  Love you guys!

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