My Love, My Heart, My Family | Chicago Family Photographer

Well, I did it, I finally stepped out from behind my own camera and allowed someone else to photograph me and my little family, and I couldn’t be more excited to share with all of you.   I am so extremely grateful to my good friend and AWESOME wedding photographer, Todd Pickney of Todd James Photography for these wonderful photos and for capturing everything that I love about my family.  This photo session started out as a 5 year anniversary gift to my husband and I, showing how much has changed in our lives since the day we said our “I dos.”  We wanted to celebrate and document our relationship, our love for each other and our beautiful children – mission accomplished.  But it turns out that this session has brought me so much more than I had hoped for.

Before our session, I asked our photographer not to pose us too much and to try to capture all the little “moments” he sees through his lens.  And because no family is perfect, I secretly prayed that my kids wouldn’t have any “toddler” moments, and we wouldn’t have any “frustrated parent” moments captured.  We asked our sitter to join us so she could take the kids to the park halfway through, and my hubby and me could get some photos alone too.  The session itself wasn’t unlike many other family sessions – the kids didn’t really cooperate, there were lots of laughs and photos were taken.  If I didn’t know how very talented Todd was, I would have been nervous that there wasn’t a good “family” one in the bunch. 

The 2 week wait for our images was killing me!  I now have a whole new appreciation for my clients and their occassional “is my gallery ready yet” emails.  It’s okay, I completely understand!  (But it’s still going to take 2 weeks 🙂

When we received the email with our gallery link, I couldn’t get my laptop opened fast enough.  I gathered my husband and my children, and we all sat on our bed together and looked at the photos together.  Image after image, I saw with my eyes everything that I feel in my heart.  I saw my daughter’s sweet little hugs and mischeivious smile, her crazy hair, her beautiful little face, her uncanny resemblance to my mother-in-law and, of course, her Bear.  I saw my son’s silly personality and crazy cute dimples, his love for his Mommy (me :)) and his gorgeously long eyelashes and big brown eyes.  And last, but not least, I saw the relationship between my husband and myself that started it all.  I saw the way we look at each other, the friendship we share and how far we’ve come together, and I was so proud. 

I knew that these photos meant a great deal to my husband and I.  I also knew that my kids would love them as they grew older and looked back at them.  What I didn’t anticipate was how much they would mean to my children NOW.  My son was so genuinely happy looking at those images – especially the ones with all of us together.  He asked me to have one printed so he could take it to school.  He was really proud of our family too, and he wanted to share it with his teachers and friends.  Adorable, right?  That’s my boy 🙂

This experience has only strengthened my love for photography and what it means to be able to “see” and keep forever all that you feel in your heart.  Don’t let those years go by, you don’t get them back.  Get those family photos taken (by me, of course) and “see” for yourself the beauty that is your family.

Without further adoo, a little sneak peek at my family for a change 🙂 


Thank you Todd!  You have given me and my family an irreplaceable gift!  

 Todd doesn’t normally do families, but if you are engaged, getting married or know someone who is, he is the guy for you.  He’s a very talented photographer and a pretty great person as well!


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