Precious Baby Girl | Chicago Newborn Photographer

There is just something about being a newborn photographer that is so gratifying to me.  The fact that my clients invite me into their home just days after they return from the hospital with their brand new baby and allow me to capture such an intimate moment in their lives is such an honor.  Think about it, that child will only be tiny, curly and new like that for a few weeks.  To be able to able to give them images from that wonderful time is amazing.  My clients treasure these images as their child grows and changes – it’s a time they can never get back.  

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Sweet little Kennedy was just a few weeks new, and she was such an angel for her newborn session!  I had fun capturing her cute little smiles, both while she was dreaming and then again when she woke up. 

Big thanks to little Kennedy and her wonderful parents for a lovely session and for trusting me to capture their little one’s first few days at home.