Happy 1st Birthday | Chicago, IL Family Photographer

More catching up to do this week and this one has me back to a sunny warm day in September and an adorable little 1 year old photo session with a little boy named Wolfie.  Yep, you heard it, Wolfie – one of the most adorable and coolest 1 year olds ever!  This little man has given his mom and dad so much love and remarkable moments in his first year on this earth, you can see it in every smile, hug, kiss and look they give him.  I love 1st birthday photo sessions – they are just filled with so much emotion and pride.  Emotions from Mom and Dad seeing their little one meet his/her first birthday milestone and how much they’ve grown throughout the year.  But also the sense of pride for their child and how far they have come as parents in just 12 months.  It’s an amazing time and one not to be forgotten, which is why I was there to photograph him in all his one year old goodness!   It is these moments, all these incredible everyday moments, connections and stories being told that draw me to child and family photography and warm my heart everyday.  Love!

Pavlatos-17 Pavlatos-15 Pavlatos-13 Pavlatos-12 Pavlatos-11 Pavlatos-9 Pavlatos-8 Pavlatos-7 Pavlatos-6 Pavlatos-5 Pavlatos-4 Chicago Family Photographer

Chicago Family Photographer

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