The Moments | Chicago Family Photographer

When I saw this family walk up for our session, it took everything I had not to squeal at the sight of these two precious little girls.  As a family photographer, I can’t help but study every little detail about my clients, big and especially small.  The beautiful eyes, the funny side-smiles, sweater tights on their adorable pudgy legs, ladybugs on shoes, sweet dresses and faces like little dollbabies, I noticed it all!  Although all these details were seen and captured, I could help but be drawn to the connections in this family.  Mom and Dad were so warm and loving with their little girls, with every word there was love in their voice – it was really quite beautiful to watch.  And the special connection between these little girls was something to behold.  As such young ages, I was wonderful to see big sister helping her little sister throughout the session.  I just adore this family and all the moments they gave me without even trying.

Thank you S family!  You guys were amazing 🙂

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5 thoughts on “The Moments | Chicago Family Photographer

  1. Aww… I just caught this blog post a bit late I think! Thanks for the sweet compliments about our girls (and us). We love our pictures and you captured the girl’s personalities perfectly. Thanks again!


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