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Welcome 2014!  The start of every new year gets me excited, hopeful and ready for the upcoming year.  Being the list maker that I am, I get out the pad and paper and write up my resolutions.  I vow to stick to each and every one of them (yes, I never set just one).  I guess I figure if I set several goals, I am likely to follow through on at least one of them.

Personal Resolutions:
1. Make a new recipe twice monthly (those who know me know I dispise cooking, so this one will be tough).
2. Spend 1 hour a day teaching my children something new
3. Eat healthier as a family
4. Listening more and talking less (another tough one – I’m a talker)
5. Do more “acts of kindness” throughout the year with my kiddos
6. Learn a new skill (guitar and speaking french are a few I’ve been thinking about)
7. … and my “reacher” for 2014 is the same as last year’s.  – get a room in my place renovated on HGTV or any awesome home design show (anyone with connections, please, please, please, help me out here).

Being a business owner, I also set professional goals related to my business as a family photographer as well.

Business Resolutions:
1.  Designate times for answering business calls, emails and social media so there is more time for doing what I love
2.  Streamline my workflow to make more time behind the camera
3.  Simplify forms and website info to clarify commonly asked questions
4.  Blog at least once a week

So there you have it – my goals and dreams for the new year out there in the open for all of you to hold me to.  Please do!

Thanks so much to all my clients, friends, vendors and fans who made 2013 such an awesome year for CMP.  Life is all about the connections we make, and I am so very lucky to “see” and capture those connections every day.  What could be better?

Happy New Year!

Cianne Mitchell Photography

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