The Doc is in.. | Chicago Child Photographer

I had the pleasure of working with WeHeartParties again last weekend, only on a more personal project this time. It was owner, Kelsey’s little girl’s 2nd birthday, and I was honored to be asked to capture the cutest party I’ve seen yet. The theme was “Doc McStuffins,” which I was happy to be familiar with so I could help sing the songs and join in the fun. Birthday girl, Kate, had a blast sticking bandaids on and giving check-ups to all visitors of the party. I too was covered in band-aids by the time I left! I truly had such a great time.

If you would love a crazy cute party like this for your little one, feel free to check out We Heart Parties – Kelsey is amazing, and she can make a party out of pretty much any theme you can throw at her.

Thank you Kate and happy birthday! 

Chicago Children's Party Photographer CMP-2 CMP-3 CMP-4 CMP-6 CMP-7 CMP-9 CMP-10 CMP-11 CMP-12 CMP-13 CMP-14 CMP-15 CMP-16 CMP-17 CMP-18 CMP-19 CMP-20 CMP-21 CMP-22 CMP-23 CMP-26 Doc McStuffins Party Photography Chicago Party Photographer Chicago Children's Photographer Chicago Child Photographer

7 thoughts on “The Doc is in.. | Chicago Child Photographer

  1. This party décor should be on Pinterest! 😉 I love all of the details that went into the planning, and you captured them and the birthday girl so well.

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