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I’m honored to be able to join a wonderful group of fellow mothers/photographers in a “Letters to our Children” blog circle.  This is my first time posting, but I’m excited about documenting my children’s lives in letters, telling them how I feel about them and giving them something fun to look back on as they grow up.  Each month I’ll write a letter to one of my children and sometimes to both of them together. This month is for my sweet little girl, Cianne, who we lovingly refer to as Cici.

April 2014

My sweet Cici.  This is my first “letter” to you on this blog.  I love the idea of telling you what you’re up to and how I’m feeling about it as it happens… in the moment.

It is early April, Spring to most, although still pretty cold here after one of the worst winters Chicago has ever seen.  Over the last several months, we have spent way too much time indoors looking for creative things to do, but not today.  Today, April 8th, was the first warmer day we’ve had (46 degrees), and we were feeling good and ready to head out to the park “for the first time in forever.”  (Yes, this is a reference from your most recent favorite movie, Frozen).  At your request, I braided your hair like Elsa before we left.  You got geared up to ride your scooter, complete with your skull and cross bones leg warmers (because we couldn’t forget those!).  You’ve become quite good at controlling your scooter over the winter (must have been all those hallway races with your brother).

We set out, sunshine on our faces, to the park down the street.  You rode repeatedly in triangles screaming in glee every time you hit the downhill side.  Against my recommendation, you tried your hand at riding your scooter without holding on to the handlebar (“look Mommy, no hands!”).  You figured out quickly that it was a very bad plan.  You fell pretty hard. 😦  My heart stopped for a second until you came over and asked for a kiss on your boo boo and a big hug and then you were good to go again.  This time with both hands on the handlebar. 🙂

We hung from the railings, raced up and down the hills, chased bunnies, took some photos and finished up with a little painting, ice cream sandwiches and a nap.  To me, there is no better way to spend my day.  It was the perfect afternoon, just you and me, mama and daughter, the Gilmore girls.

I love you Cici Munch



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Please check out the other letters in our blog circle.  Next up is Bethany.

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