Letters to my children | May 2014

I’m honored to be able to join a wonderful group of fellow mothers/photographers in a “Letters to our Children” blog circle. Each month I’ll write a letter to one of my children and sometimes to both of them together. This month is for the little boy that first made me a mommy.

This month’s letter is for you, Aidan, my boy, my sweet, sweet little boy.  Well, actually you’re really not so little anymore, are you?  You are a silly, smart, imaginative, kind and caring 5 year old (almost 6) with enough energy to outrun a whole 24 pack of energizer batteries without skipping a beat.  It is incredible to me how just spending the day with you can bring so many inspiring moments for me.  And last week, I was lucky enough to have a whole week of inspiration.

Last week {April 13-20th} was spring break and you, me and your little sister had a whole week to make our own.  Daddy stayed home with Grandpa Bob to remodel our kitchen while we traveled to Grandma’s house in Ohio.  You wasted no time before showing me how amazing you are, starting upon our arrival at the airport in Chicago.  I watched as you held your little sister’s hand and led her through Midway Airport pulling your little racecar suitcase behind you and making sure Cici didn’t lose her bear at every stop.  While we waited to board, you cracked jokes and made us laugh, shared your popcorn and talked about all the fun things you were going to do while visiting Grandma.  We finally boarded the plane, and you picked our row of seats right on the wing.  Even though you REALLY wanted to sit by the window, you gave up your spot to Cici, who really wanted Bear to see the clouds.  You were just so excited to be going to see Grandma and your excitement was written all over your face.

After take-off though, things got quite bumpy as we hit some turbulence, and I saw a rather severe change in your expression.  A look of fear took over your sweet little face and tears welled up in your eyes.  I held your hand and told you it was just some wind bumps, kinda like potholes on the street, and that everything was going to be fine.  You looked at me with those big brown eyes and said, “Mommy, are you sure?  Because it feels like the nose of the plane is down and Daddy told me that the nose goes up on take off.  I’m worried we’re going to fall.”  My heart felt heavy for you and truthfully, I was a little frightened too, but I tried my best to calm your fear and talk you through it while your sister squealed “we’re flying Aidan!”  You momentarily turned and smiled at her, wiping and hiding your tears trying your best not to show her what you were going through.  I wasn’t sure if you were embarrassed or if you were trying to guard her from being frightened too, but either way I was so impressed with you and the way you handled yourself in such a moment.  Luckily, the plane leveled out quickly and your contagious smile was back as we talked about all the fun we were going to have.

Our flight was short, and we made it to Ohio ready to start our special week at Grandma’s.  You couldn’t wait to get down to the baggage area where I told you Grandma would be waiting for us.  When we arrived in the baggage claim area, I spotted Grandma across the room and pointed her out to you.  You immediately let go of my hand and ran through all the travelers, screaming “Grandma! Grandma!”  Grandma dropped everything and stretched out her arms to you. It was like a scene from a movie – a beautiful, beautiful movie.

Our week at Grandma’s was filled with wonderful and meaningful, sometimes really funny moments, all of which I’m sure we won’t forget.  You helped Grandma plant her garden pots, created a stepping stone, painted her birdhouse and ran ALOT, ending every night with a bath and a great big hug.  You helped Uncle Mike (Grandma’s brother) when he scraped his arm and carefully dabbed his boo boo with a towel, offering to wrap it for him.   You even helped him remember Grandma’s name a few times since he forgets sometimes.  You are the most wonderful combination of “wild child” and “caring little heart,” both of which I love more than you’ll ever know.

It’s true, you inspire me.  You inspire me to be a better person, a better mommy, to reach for the moon and stars so I can give them to you.  I love you buddy.


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7 thoughts on “Letters to my children | May 2014

  1. SO SWEET… and what a great idea! You did such a great job on the plane. It can be extremely difficult to calm your little ones when you don’t truly know the answer.

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