The Motherhood Collective – Vol 2 | Chicago Family Photographer

I hear many people talk about all the amazing things they aspired to do in their lives.  I know some who knew their future career when they were kids or worked relentlessly their entire lives to accomplish one certain skill.  Me?  The one thing I ever wanted for certain and never wavered on was becoming a mother.  I wanted it so bad, I could taste it.  There was a time when I never thought it would happen.  I was 32 years old, suffered a failed marriage and time was ticking.  I watched my sister go through infertility for some time, and my mother suffered 4 miscarriages while trying to conceive as well.  To say I was worried is an understatement.

I was delighted to meet a man who understood what being a mother meant to me.  Even though he was much younger and probably not quite as ready as I was, he knew he wanted children too.  We married a 2.5 years later in 2007, and I was pregnant within 3 months.  During my pregnancy, my every thought was about that little life inside of me and how I couldn’t wait to see his face and hear him call me “Mommy”.  A title I wanted more than ANYTHING in this whole world.

In August, our little boy arrived – I was officially a mother.  22 months later, we were so incredibly happy to welcome a little girl to our family as well.  To feel that kind of joy TWICE in my life was an amazing gift that I will never forget.  My children are a part of me – my life, my heart.  ❤

As a family photographer, I encourage my clients to be IN photographs with their children all the time.  I talk with them about how their children will look back on these images and cherish the special moments they shared.  In every session I do, I am inspired by the intense love and special moments I share with the little ones in my life.  Only, until now, I was not doing the same.

Well not anymore!  It’s my turn to be on the other side of the camera.  I want my children to SEE and FEEL the love I have for them now and long after I’m gone.  However, this project isn’t just for them, it’s for me too.  I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about  getting on the other side of the lens myself, but I’ve learned something very important in this process.  I’ve learned that my children don’t care if I look picture perfect or not, their love for me is just as strong as my love for them. ❤


Chicago Family Photographer


I am so excited to be joining several like-minded, talented mothers and photographers in a monthly project called The Motherhood Collective.  This project is a collaborative effort to get into photos with our little ones and will continue throughout 2015.  Please click through the entire blog circle to see all of the beautiful images that my fellow photographers have shared.  You can start by visiting my friend Julie at Jewels Photography to see her gorgeous images with her children.

Cianne Mitchell Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, child and family photography
in Chicago, Illinois and surrounding northwest suburbs

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