Baby Boy | Chicago Newborn Photographer

This newborn blondie boy just melted my heart from the moment I laid eyes on him.   Simply precious…
Chicago Baby Photographer

Chicago Baby Photographer

Chicago Baby Photographer

Chicago Newborn Photographer

If you are expecting and would like more information about a custom newborn photo session with us, please contact us at as early as possible in your pregnancy as our calendar fills up months in advance.

 Cianne Mitchell Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, child and family photography
in Chicago, Illinois and surrounding northwest suburbs

Safe In Daddy’s Arms | Chicago Family Photographer

Chicago Family Photographer

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She may outgrow his lap, but she’ll never outgrow his heart ❤ Cianne Mitchell Photography is a premier child and family photographer  specializing in newborn, maternity, child and family photography in Chicago, IL and surrounding northwest suburbs

Welcome Baby Boy | Wilmette, IL Baby Photographer

Chicago Newborn Photographer

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I had the pleasure of meeting this little guy, his very proud parents and grandma too.  He is just so perfect from his head to his tiny little toes, I just couldn’t get enough.  He slept for me just a … Continue reading

Sleepy Little One | Chicago Newborn Photographer

Chicago Newborn Photographer

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This gorgeous little girl was probably the easiest baby I have ever photographed (and her adorable hair was just the frosting on the cake)!   She was sweet, peaceful and super cute too.  What more could I ask for?  She … Continue reading

Precious Baby Girl | Chicago Newborn Photographer

There is just something about being a newborn photographer that is so gratifying to me.  The fact that my clients invite me into their home just days after they return from the hospital with their brand new baby and allow me to capture such an intimate moment in their lives is such an honor.  Think about it, that child will only be tiny, curly and new like that for a few weeks.  To be able to able to give them images from that wonderful time is amazing.  My clients treasure these images as their child grows and changes – it’s a time they can never get back.  

Newborn Photography SessionInfant PhotographerChicago Baby PhotographerNewborn Photographer

Sweet little Kennedy was just a few weeks new, and she was such an angel for her newborn session!  I had fun capturing her cute little smiles, both while she was dreaming and then again when she woke up. 

Big thanks to little Kennedy and her wonderful parents for a lovely session and for trusting me to capture their little one’s first few days at home.

Watch Them Grow! | Chicago Children’s Photographer

I absolutely love watching my little clients as they grow.  Sweet little C is such a cutie and these are a few shots from her newborn and 6mo sessions.  Can’t wait to see her soon for her 1st birthday and hopefully her first few steps as well!

Chicago Newborn Photographer

5 Reasons why my clients hire me to be their family photographer (and why you should too :) | Chicago Child Photographer

  1.  I am AWESOME with kids!  I like children so much, I even had two of my own.  And they were both planned too.  I might also add that, although it’s been a while, I actually used to be a kid myself!  Some who know me might say I still act like a child at times, and to them I say, “I know you are, but what am I?”  I am a mother and a child photographer, of course I act silly sometimes.  Plus, it makes the little ones smile 🙂
  2. I have a couple of pretty sweet cameras, and I know how to use them well.  I mean that’s the tough part right?  Photography is not just looking through a viewfinder and pressing the shutter, it’s much more technical than most people think (including myself before I started).  Many, many classes, tutorials and workshops had my name on the roster and sometimes even still do.  I now photograph close to 90 families a year!  Go ahead, take a look at my website, blog and Facebook fan page, you’ll see.
  3. I love exercising, so I can chase your kids for 2 hours without passing out.  Sounds funny, I know, but I haven’t met a 2 or 3 year old yet that doesn’t run non-stop during a session.  I need to be able to keep up, or I will miss all those great little moments when they stop to grab a bug and stick it in their mouth or yank a flower from your neighbor’s prize winning garden.  All this is done with a large, heavy camera in hand – sometimes I even impress myself!  Now all I have to do is stop indulging in all the treats my little clients share with me, and I might just lose those last 8 baby pounds for good.
  4. I can sing!  Some might disagree, but I know I’m a good singer because my mom told me so.  And I think I know pretty much every children’s song out there.  Feel free to test me, I’ll bet I know it!  In my school days, I used to study in song to help me remember my test answers.  I can remember almost anything as long as it’s presented in a song.  So not only will you have a great photo session with me, but you’ll be entertained by the musical stylings of yours truly.
    And last but not least…..
  5. I absolutely love what I do.  All joking aside, this is what I love to do.  I feel so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful families each year.  It is the greatest gift to be invited into the lives of my clients and have them share a little of their world with me.  The connections I witness, the love I capture, it’s amazing and I love every second of it.  It is those same connections with my husband, children and family that inspired me to be a family photographer in the first place.  There is such beauty in the simplest moments between you and your family, and we feel it in our hearts, but we rarely get to “see” it and hold onto it forever.  I would love to freeze those special moments for you, and show them to you.  So, go on, pick up that phone or start typing – I’d love to hear from you!